animegao - japanese for “anime face”, once used to refer to any kind of anime mask.

bjd - abbreviation for “ball-jointed doll”, used to refer to doll style masks.

comm - short for “community”, used to refer to a local groups of kigs, either online or in real life.

faceup - the painted makeup of a mask, usually done with acrylics.

full-custom - a mask that is completely made from scratch without the use of a premade shell.

full-lock - a style of locking mask which covers your entire head and closes around your neck.

generic - a mass-produced mask where the person can only choose the color and style of the eyes and hair.

hada - short for “hadatai”.

hadatai - abbreviation based off the japanese terms “hada” (skin) and “taitsu” (tights), used to refer to zentai which emulate skin and usually feature breast pockets.

half-type - a style of mask which only covers your face, usually worn with an elastic band.

handler - a person supporting a kig during public wear to make up for the limited vision.

hard hair - hair made from solid material as opposed to a wig.

kig - short for “kigurumi”.

kiger - abbreviation based off the terms “kigurumi” and “player”, used to refer to a person wearing a kigurumi.

kigable - portmanteau of “kigurumi” and “useable”, used when an item is not necessarily made for kigurumi specifically, but can be transformed.

larper - someone who pretends to be a kig but isn't.

padding - foam or silicone pads which are used to shape the body.

para - short for “Para2”, used to refer to pvc lingerie made by the japanese fetish store Para2.

premade - a ready-made mask that was created for sale outside of commissions.

reference sheet - an image that displays the turnaround view of a character as well as design details.

semi-custom - a mask that is made based on a mass-produced shell but with customized features.

shell - the blank base of a mask.

ss - abbreviation for “shopping service”.

the pit - slang for the fandom, once you are in you can't get out.

zentai - abbreviation based off the japanese term “zenshin taitsu” (full-body tights), used to refer to any kind of skin-tight bodysuit.