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A no holds bar anonymous thread for kigurumi on 4chan's /jp/. A lot of people lurk and don’t say that they browse this site because of negative association with vendettas and general salty behavior. Generally a slow moving thread compared to others so don’t expect a reply right away, you also may need a while until you find the thread. If you are very sensitive or easily offended, steer clear.


Kigurumi Cosplayers
Kigurumi Market
Kigurumi Memeposting

Facebook is one of the places where most western kigs share their photos. The above listed are only a handful of groups available on the site, as there are dozens of them, from local meetup groups, to making groups, etc. Almost every bigger local community will have a FB group to announce the latest meetups and conventions. Many makers will post about their latest progress on their own FB pages.


While not very useful for conversations, Instagram is the best platform to use when your focus is on photography with the profile layout resembling a simple portfolio. It is easy to have your works discovered by posting them into the #kigurumi hashtag.


A decentralized social network from Japan that has been growing in popularity since the Twitter apocalypse. It's a bit difficult to use at the beginning, but it doesn't take long until you get used to its interface. You can find kigurumi content on a regular basis under #着ぐるみ.


Many chinese makers and kigs use their local social network for posting news and sharing photos in its kigurumi space. Due to government censorship reasons, it can not be used by people without a chinese phone number.


Nowadays, Discord is the most active platform when it comes to exchanging in realtime about kig. There are many servers for various subjects so make sure to read their descriptions before posting.

Real Life

How to Find/Join

The Kig Map (message Renko for an add or changes)

Since kigurumi is a subculture, enthusiasts join together to hang out and meet others locally. In the past, kigs found each other through blogs and formed local communities. Most communities have moved into private Discord servers and you will have to look through social media in order to find your local community.


When local kigs get together and hang out. Most meetups involve taking pictures together or going to local city hot-spots, such as shopping districts, movie theaters, or parks. Meetups can also happen at private homes of local kigs.

Conventions/Large-Scale Events

In the west it's very common for meetups to be held at anime conventions. There's also various kigurumi clubs which host own independent events on a regular basis. Tickets can be particularly pricey, but are seen as worth it since you can meet famous people in the community.